Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 6

Perseverance Pays (Eczema of a Student)


A second year B.H.M.S student was in deep distress. He told me that he will discontinue his studies with a heavy heart if Homoeopathy was unable to bring him relief. And what was bothering him? An oozing skin lesion on the dorsum of his foot. A sticky and highly offensive discharge was oozing from the foot, leaving a wet footprint if he sat for long at a place. The discharge was so offensive that his classmates avoided him and he found it difficult to sit in the class. No one liked to share his hostel room. It was a mental torture for him.


After attending one of my lectures on Organon, wherein I had stated that 'any curable disease in this world can be cured by Homoeopathy,' he came to me. He showed me his foot and stated that he was not interested in learning a system that could not cure his own illness.


I took this as a challenge. Since he was extremely sensitive to cold and the discharge was highly offensive, I decided to give him Psorinum. I asked him to open my medicine cabinet and take one poppy seed-sized globule of Psorinum 1M.


After two weeks, he came back to me and reported that there was no improvement in his condition. I asked him to patiently wait for another fortnight. He came to me exactly on the fourteenth day and informed me of a slight relief from the oozing. However, I could fathom his frustration from his words “my eczema would not yield to any medicine in this world.”


I explained to him that chronic diseases, as perceived in Homoeopathy, have deep roots and Psora is considered the mother of all of them. One should patiently take anti-psoric treatment to uproot the deeply embedded chronic diseases.

I also explained the slow but sure curative power of Psorinum. I assured him that he was on the path of cure. Since I was sure of my prescription and he had promised to strictly follow the diet and regimen, I asked him to wait, this time for a month. This reminded me of my guru, Dr. B.K. Bose of Kolkata, who used to utter this word “wait” frequently in his majestic voice.


After one month, my student came to my clinic beaming with happiness. There was no discharge and the skin was rapidly healing. He was thoroughly convinced about the curative power of this healing art and promised to be a genuine student of Homoeopathy. This was a great moment of satisfaction for me as a homoeopath and as a guru.



Here, the basis of selection of medicine forms the core of the treatment. Psorinum and Graphitis were shortlisted, considering the offensiveness of discharge and extreme chilly body type of the patient. Since the offensiveness of the oozing was intense, Psorinum stood a better chance. As you all know, Psorinum is one of the main slow acting remedies in our Materia Medica (a few others being Silicea and Natrum mur). Doctors administering such slow acting medicines must have the patience to wait through

the full active phase of the medicine. Here, you can see that the boy got the desired result only two months after the first dose.


I would advise my readers not to give low potencies for skin diseases. In 85% of skin cases, I got good results with high potencies, but in MINIMUM doses. Giving a very minute dose is equally important as the selection of the similimum. Otherwise the medicinal aggravation following the administration of the medicine will be too much for the patient to bear. According to Dr. Hahnemann, practitioners are supposed to “annihilate the disease and restore the sick to health in the most harmless way”.





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§259 “Considering the minuteness of the doses necessary and proper in Homoeopathic treatment, we can easily understand that during the treatment everything must be removed from the diet and regimen which can have any medicinal action, in order that the small dose may not be overwhelmed and extinguished or disturbed by any foreign medicinal irritant.”

- Organon of Medicine




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