How to get the personal consultation of Professor Jose Isaac:

  • Online (WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype) - for detailed information please fill in the form on this page (page bottom)
  • Personally: during seminars in Russia, Canada and USA. Send email to seminar organizers in the city of your choice (seminar timetable - on our website, at Seminars. Course)
  • In India, at the Dr Isaaс's Homeopathy Center - detailed information about the cost, assistance with visas and accommodation will be provided upon request. To get more detailed information please fill the form (page bottom)

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How to take a remedy

For the best results from homeopathic treatment follow these instructions:

1. Stop drinking tea, coffee and chocolate.

2. Stop taking all kinds of herbal supplements.

3. Avoid too many spices.

4. Avoid artificial soft drinks.

5. Avoid other medications as much as possible during homeopathic treatment.

"Only the knowledge of the philosophy of Homeopathy can elevate you to a high level of practice. If you stuck in a traffic jam, this knowledge will help you get out of it" (с)