Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 7

Antimiasmatic Prophylaxis in Genetic Disorders (1975)


When I was working with the Government Homoeopathic Hospital, Trivandrum in 1975, we used to run a speciality clinic for people with special needs on the 5th of every month. People with problems such as deaf-mutism, mental and physical retardation, post-polio paralysis, mongolism, congenital and acquired mental and physical disabilities, queued up every month for treatment.


A mother along with her three children used to visit that clinic regularly. All the three children were physically challenged from birth. The first child was epileptic, the second mentally and physically retarded and the third deaf and dumb. I felt a deep empathy for the mother who was forced to lead a tough life caring for her three differently-abled children. Bringing up children properly is an art as well as a time and energy consuming task. It is a positive stress for a mother of normal children. But for a mother with poor financial means, raising three children with special needs is a daily mind-numbing compulsion. I wanted to put Homoeopathy to help her in some way.


One day she spoke to me about her miseries and broke down, saying that every day was such a supreme challenge for her. She was anxious about her children's future. Though she and her husband were yearning for a normal child, they were apprehensive. I wished to help her and so encouraged her to start homoeopathic treatment before conceiving again, so that her next child may be born normal.


She discussed this with her husband who was comforted by such a possibility. When she came back next month with her husband, they were ready to take the plunge. I started the treatment. My first prescription was Sulphur 1M. Weeks later she informed me that she was pregnant. She was apparently healthy and I gave her anti- miasmatic medicines in succession – Sulphur, Merc sol and Thuja in high potencies according to the prominent miasm, guided by symptoms.


Delivery was uneventful and she gave birth to a perfectly normal and healthy child. It was a moment of great triumph for the System, the Physician and the Patient. The overwhelming happiness that the couple felt was beyond words. Normally, people take it for granted when they are blessed with a normal child. But for this family, holding a perfectly healthy baby in their arms was the most wonderful moment of their life that gave them the confidence and hope for a better tomorrow. This fourth child was the perfect counterbalance in their life to tilt the scales in their favour! This made all the difference to their life and triggered a big shift in my approach to Homoeopathy. I too was elated to see the level at which the correction happened. My admiration for the system greatly increased.




I understood that the natural inclination of certain body systems towards manifesting genetic disorders under unusual environmental influences can be corrected i f proper homoeopathic treatment is given at the right time. Pregnancy is

the most sensitive period in a woman's life. This is the best time to give constitutional treatment for effecting miasmatic/basic corrections. Dr. Hahnemann in “The Chronic Diseases” explains that pregnancy in all its stages offers little obstruction to the anti psoric treatment which is most necessary and most useful in that condition. On account of the increased sensitiveness of the female body and spirit while in this state, the symptoms of internal psora are manifested most plainly and the anti psoric medicine acts more definitely and perceptibly.


So in order to destroy a hereditarily transmitted psora, the producer of majority of chronic diseases, pregnancy is the apt time for anti-miasmatic treatment – thereby providing an opportunity to reduce the expression of inherited ailments in advance. Pregnant women thus treated, have given birth to children, usually healthier and stronger. In “The Chronic Diseases”, Dr. Hahnemann also advises us to make the doses in these cases as small and as highly potentized as possible.


The great work of Dr. Hahnemann, “The Chronic Diseases”, guides us in the treatment of complex cases like the one above where all the three miasms of psora, sycosis and syphilis are conjoined. He says, it is necessary to first come to the assistance of the most afflicted part, the Psora, with specific anti psoric remedies, then remedies for sycosis and syphilis according to their prominence. He further adds that the same alternating treatment may be continued, until a complete cure is effected.


When a new life evolves inside the womb of the mother, the foetus takes all that is essential for its development from the mom, placing a big burden on the mother's body. During this extremely vulnerable state, the latent miasms in the mother spring up and this might explain the reasons why some females develop hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and depression during pregnancy. Our antimiasmatics, in high potency, penetrate deep enough clearing the deep rooted miasmatic discrepancies, accomplishing correction at the fundamental levels. I salute the system. I salute our master, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.


This case was reported in the Malayalam weekly “Kala Kaumudi”, dated December 7, 1975.




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