Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 5

Congenital Blindness Cured - A Miracle Indeed! (1961)


When I was working in the Kottayam Government dispensary in 1961, on one of my busy Out Patient (OP) days, a 30-year-old blind woman was brought in, helped by her brother. I noticed this woman, earlier, when she was standing in the long queue because she was continuously scratching her body. During consultation, I learned that she was born blind and within a few weeks after birth she had developed eruptions all over her body with intense itching. Her skin was very dry. She had tried many other treatments, but in vain.


She reported an intense burning sensation after scratching. Her thermal reaction was hot. I prescribed one dose of Sulphur 1M. I warned them that there can be aggravation of her symptoms and asked them to come back for a review after one month.


After a month, on another OP day, she came running to me crying out loudly, “Sir, I can see! Sir, I can see you and everyone here! I got my eye sight!” I was surprised. I asked her what had happened after she visited me. She told me that she had severe aggravation of her skin complaints, after commencing the treatment. She developed intense itching all over her body and had itching along with a lot of discharge from her eyes. Once these symptoms subsided, she could see everything clearly. In the course of time, dryness of her skin reduced and itching stopped!


One of the sub-editors of the leading Malayalam daily, ‘Malayala Manorama’, was present in the OP witnessing this episode. The news was published in the newspapers.




I had prescribed Sulphur 1M because the patient had chronic skin disease with characteristic voluptuous itching. Her skin eruptions were dry and dirty without oozing, which got worse during the night at bed time and there was severe burning sensation after scratching. There was no ulceration, and no discharge from her skin lesions.




Dr. Hahnemann in his “Organon of Medicine” in §81 delineates how the extremely ancient infecting agent (Psora) has gradually passed, in some hundreds of generations, through many millions of human organisms, and has attained an incredible development, displaying innumerable morbid forms in the great family of mankind (secondary symptoms of Psora). Psora theory is such an eye opener that amazes every homoeopath during deeper probing. This is a typical case where blindness was caused due to suppression of psora through generations. Guess the amazing power of a tiny pill of Sulphur that could percolate through layers of suppression accumulated over generations, as Dr. Hahnemann had postulated two centuries ago.


Dr. Hahnemann explains the origin and evolution of diseases in his great work 'The Chronic Diseases – their peculiar nature and their homoeopathic cure.' According to him, psora is the most ancient and the most universal mother of all chronic diseases. In the many thousands of years that it may have afflicted mankind, psora has developed in so many millions of organisms through which it has passed and its secondary symptoms are hard to count. Once the original malady has advanced and developed to a certain degree, it can never be removed by the strength of any robust constitution, or the most wholesome diet or order of life, nor will it die out by itself.


Dr. Hahnemann says the only way out from this maze of chronic miasmatic disease is through anti-miasmatic treatment. In this case, the patient had intense itching even before the commencement of treatment. The vital force was trying to expel the internal malady, accumulated through generations, to the exterior. The anti-psoric medicine complemented the efforts of the vital force. The medicinal force and the vital force together achieved correction in the deepest level and cured blindness! This explains how this patient gained vision following the administration of a tiny dose of Sulphur. In the book on 'Chronic Diseases,' Dr. Hahnemann cites several examples of Amaurosis following suppression of skin diseases. As far as we know, there could be no pathological explanation for this. Every student of Homoeopathy must read Dr. Hahnemann's 'The Chronic Diseases' before venturing into treating chronic diseases.



This case was reported in the Malayalam daily “Kerala Dhwani”, dated February 24, 1964.







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