Dr. Isaac's academy is: 

* Academy of classical Homeopathy (India, Kovalam)

- The Basic course on Homeopathy (1-8 modules)

- Annual thematic seminars

- Annual seminar sessions in Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Barnaul), as well as Canada, Latvia, Hungary and USA


* Dr. Isaac's Centre of Homeopathy (Clinic) India, Thiruvananthapuram

- In-person and online consultation


* Clinical practice: Internship, as well as international students' chat where You can get support 24/7 even in the most difficult situations + quizes and club meetings of Dr. Isaac's academy students on platforms Whatsapp, Telegram and Zoom


* Monthly webinars on the Google meet platform (eng\rus) for everyone to get acquainted with teaching methods 



Upcoming events

25.01– 02.02.2024

Kovalam, India

Topical seminar

“Observation. How to observe the case after giving the remedy.  Infectious diseases in children - Measles, Fevers, Chicken pox, Mumps, Pneumonia, Diaorrhoea, Cough. Case taking & discussion.”


04.02– 12.02.2024

Kovalam, India

Topical seminar

“Comparison of some polykrest remedies. Blood diseases, Reumatology, Endocrinal disorders, Haemorhoids, fissure, fistula. Case taking and discussion.”


19.02 - 09.03..2024

Kovalam, India

The Basic course on Homeopathy: 5 and 6 modules



Timetable of Academy Courses and Seminars

* Basic course

* Seminars in India

* Clinical practice in India

* Seminars in Russia, Canada, Hungary, Latvia, USA

* Webinars


For patients

Patients from any country are invited for a consultation with Professor Jose Isaac personally:

  • Online (WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype)
  • Personally: during seminars in Russia
  • In Dr. Isaac's Center of Homeopathy, India

Monthly webinars are held to get acquainted with Academy materials .

Timetable of webinars is published in Telegram channel


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