Our Mission


* Spread the benefits of Homoeopathy to as many people in the world as possible.

* Develop the best world standards in homeopathic practice and make them available to our patients.

Dr. K. J. ISAAC, DMS, MBS (Hom.)

Dr. Isaac's families devotion to Homoeopathy is hundred years old. It started with his Grandfather Dr. T. V. Joseph who practiced in Koothattukulam a village in Kerala, one of the states in India. He started Homoeopathy mainly by reading books on Homoeopathy. His son Late Dr. K. J. Isaac DMS, MBS got his Diploma from Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College which is the first Homoeopathic Medical College in India. He was one of the first five Homoeopathic docotrs who was appointed by the Government of Kerala to start homoeopathic dispensaries in Kerala. Now Kerala is the capital of Homoeopathy in the world with 1000 homoeopathic dispensaries and 50 hospitals under the Governement. He is the founder Principal of the largest Homeoopathic medical college ie., Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Trivandrum. He was the first Dean of Homoeopathy under the Kerala & Mahatma Gandhi Universities. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award on All India basis on 2016. He was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement award (Dr. Hahnemann award) by the Government of Kerala.

His son - DR. JOSE ISSAC BSc, BHMS, PGCR, MF(HOM), MD is a third-generation homeopath. His father educated by Kent's student - Dr. B.K.Bose Calcutta Medical Homeopathic College. Thus, Family's knowledge of classic Homeopathy are transmitted by direct line from Samuel Hahnemann - founder of homeopathic method

Dr. Jose Isaac successfully practice homeopathic method of treatment for 35 years, maintain a everyday clinical practice, he headed department of homeopathic philosophy until 2018, also he taught in Thiruvantapuram govt. Homeopathic Medical College which was found by his father.  Dr. Jose Isaac received the All-India National Award as The best teacher of Homeopathy in 2020.

Dr Jose was a chairman of the scientific council in the field of Homeopathy in University of Kerala, member of the Central Committee for Homeopathy of India and a member of the Education Committee of the Government of India.

The phenomenon of professor Jose Isaac is a combination of practical doctor - homeopath experience, the teacher with great track record, researcher under whose guidance numerous studies in the field of clinical Homeopathy were conducted, and head-methodologist of state structures.

A present time professor Jose Isaac conducts face-to-face seminars in 7 countries and gives monthly online lectures on the theory of Homeopathy.  Dr. Jose Isaaс strictly follows the concept of Hahnemann in his lectures and this is one of the basic principles of his Academy.

The Classical Homeopathy Course of Dr. Isaaс’s Academy has been held since 2010. This course is based on the basic course of the largest State Medical Homeopathic College in India (Trivandrum, Kerala, India). The main disciplines are Organon, Repertory and Materia Medica.

Dr Isaaс Jose, son of Dr. Jose Isaaс, the fourth generation homeopath, he studied with his grandfather, the late Dr. K. J. Isaac. Dr Isaac received his bachelor’s degree in 2012 and then received his doctorate in medical science in 2016. He is working at the State Homeopathic Medical College as an assistant professor and also at the White Memorial Homeopathic Medical College. Has more than 8 years of teaching and practical experience. He has developed several websites and programs to help homeopathic doctors in their daily practice. Conducts monthly online webinars about the most common diseases, and also teaches at his father's Academy.

«With years of practice
Your Materia Medica will become less and less, because your experience will show you which remedy is effective and which is not»

Dr. Jose Isaac