Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 32

No More Sleepless Nights (Insomnia - 2013)


My first impression of this 39-year-old woman, who knocked on my doors, was that she had a haggard look. After documenting her case, I could find the reason: she was sleep deprived for a while.


Following an intractable neck pain for seven years, the woman was diagnosed with a cervical rib, which made her life miserable. Later, an operation was performed and the complaints were relieved. Soon after the surgery, she developed sleeplessness. When she tried to sleep, a continuous flow of thoughts hindered her sleep. She lay awake all night, listening to her own heart beat. She was fed up, tired and eventually was compelled to take sleeping pills (Restil 0.25 mg).


For over one year, she was suffering from severe headache with nausea, distension of abdomen and belching. Headache usually got worse one day before menses. During the first two days of her menses, she felt an extraordinary sense of heat all over her body. There was also a feeling as though heat was emanating from her eyes, which got better when she washed her eyes with cold water. She also complained of swelling and pain in her toes. Lack of sleep and other problems led to a change in her general temperament and she was getting easily irritated.



I commenced her treatment with Nux vomica 30 on 31-10-13, gradually raising the potency to 1M and 10M. In between, she received Acid flour 200 to 1M potencies, mainly on the basis of the strange symptom of heat emanating from her eyes. She was also given Syphilinum 1M and Thuja 200 to 10M potencies. Now she sleeps peacefully without the help of sleeping pills.




As always, totality of symptoms guided me to the similimum. Her dyspepsia, gastric headaches, irritable temperament, history of taking a lot of pain killers and sleeping pills led me to Nux vomica. I was just “matching the soul of the remedy with the soul of the patient.” Nux vomica gave considerable amelioration to many of her problems. But for restoration of health, I knew that she required anti-miasmatic medicines in succession. Symptoms guided me to perceive the prominent miasm and select the suitable anti-miasmatic. I gave Syphilinum 1M/1 dose to soothe her syphilitic miasm. Later, when she presented with swelling and pain in the big toes and multiple lipomas in her body, I gave the anti sycotic remedy, Thuja from 200 to 10M potencies. It took 1-1.5 years to restore her health.


In the treatment of a chronic case, we are dealing with the patient as a whole and not annihilating just the chief complaint. Anti- miasmatic treatment is not only curative but also prophylactic, giving the patient a sense of general well being. It enhances the immunity of the patient. For achieving this ideal cure, time is required. Every medicine and every potency has a duration of action. While treating, we must allow each previous dosage to complete its action. That is why an appropriate treatment and resolution of a chronic disease is taking time, and not because Homoeopathy is a slow acting system, as is the popular belief. Homoeopathy is rapid, gentle and Miraculous!




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“The drugs used to control one disease can cause another. For example, the drugs used to control cancer can so weaken a patient’s immunologic system that severe, even fatal infection develops. A surgical procedure to overcome one disease can cause another. A total gastrectomy to control cancer causes deficiency of the intrinsic factor needed for hematopoiesis. The term iatrogenic disease, from the Greek for physician, is used to describe diseases caused by therapeutic agents. Always, the danger of the treatment must be weighed against its benefits.” - Text Book of Pathology Structure and Function in Disease, 9th edition by William Boyd.




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