Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 31

Quality Life in The Face of Cancer (Adenocarcinoma Prostate - 2002)


For 71-year-old George (name changed) voiding urine was bit of a mountain to climb for the past one year when he met me on a rather busy OP day in 2002. He told me that it took a while for the urine to flow and once started there was no interruption. The difficulty manifested only during the forenoon hours. Post noon and during night there was no hassle. He was also unable to pass urine in the presence of others.


He had inguinal hernia, which receded on lying down.

He had pain in the right knee while ascending and descending stairs.

He developed urticaria after taking curd or after cold bath. His cold and cough usually lasted long.

He was Diabetic and under allopathic treatment.

Appetite – normal

                 Craves salt

Bowels- regular

Sleep- good

Chilly patient

Likes to have warm food and drinks


Family history

His brother suffered from Squamous cell carcinoma – lung.




Date              Medicine                           Date              Medicine

24.09.2002   Natrum mur 30/2 doses     09.11.2005   Hepar sulph 1M/1 dose

14.10.2002   Natrum mur 1M/1 dose      09.12.2005   Hepar sulph 10M/1 dose

15.11.2002   Conium mac 200/2 doses  04.01.2006   Conium mac 30/2 doses

13.12.2002   Conium mac 200/2 doses  04.02.2006   Conium mac 200/2 doses

07.01.2003   Conium mac 1M/1 dose     02.03.2006   Apis mel 30/2 doses

30.01.2003   Conium mac 1M/1 dose     02.04.2006   Conium mac 1M/1 dose

01.03.2003   Conium mac 10M/1 dose   04.06.2006   Thuja 10M/1 dose

02.04.2003   Muriatic acid 30/4 doses    27.07.2006   Conium mac 30/4 doses

26.05.2003   Muriatic acid 30/4 doses    27.08.2006   Conium mac 200/2 doses

01.07.2003   Muriatic acid 30/4 doses    01.10.2006   Sulphur 200/1 dose

24.07.2003   Muriatic acid 30/2 doses    01.11.2006   Natrum mur 1M/1 dose

22.09.2003   Muriatic acid 30/4 doses    23.11.2006   Dulcamera 200/2 doses

15.12.2003   Thuja 1M/1 dose                20.12.2006  Dulcamera 200/2 doses

10.01.2004   Thuja 10M/1 dose              20.01.2007  Dulcamera 200/2 doses

01.04.2004   Thuja 10M/1 dose             16.02.2007  Thuja 200/2 doses

20.08.2004   Thuja 10M/1 dose             16.03.2007  Thuja 1M/1 dose

20.10.2004   Conium mac 1M/1 dose     03.04.2007  Hepar sulph 200/2 doses

10.12.2004   Digitalis 30/2 doses           03.05.2007  Hepar sulph 1M/1 dose

10.01.2005   Digitalis 30/2 doses           06.06.2007  Natrum mur 1M /1 dose

01.03.2005   Digitalis 200/2 doses         25.06.2007  Bryonia 200/2 doses

31.03.2005   Conium mac 30/2 doses    16.07.2007  Ledum pal 200/2 doses

30.04.2005   Conium mac 200/2 doses  26.09.2007  Kreosote 200/2 doses

23.05.2005   Conium mac 200/2 doses  26.10.2007  Kreosote 200/2 doses

23.06.2005   Apis mel 200/2 doses        21.11.2007   Nux vom 30/4 doses

20.07.2005   Thuja 1M/1 dose               21.12.2007   Sulphur 200/1 dose

20.08.2005   Thuja 10M/1 dose             15.01.2008   Thuja 1M/1 dose

10.09.2005   Conium mac 200/2 doses  15.02.2008  Acid phos 1M/1 dose

10.10.2005   Conium mac 200/2 doses  25.05.2008  Expired


This was a diagnosed case of Adenocarcinoma – prostate. There was no peri-prostatic spread and a whole body bone scinti imaging was negative for skeletal metastasis. I started treatment with Natrum mur 30, increasing the potency to 1M, after observing the peculiar symptom of his inability to pass urine in the presence of others as well as his excessive craving for salt. Conium is the chief medicine to be thought of in prostate problems, especially in old age. It was given to him later in 30 to 10M potencies and that gave him a lot of relief. Miasmatically, Thuja, from 200 to 10M potencies, was also prescribed. He was under my treatment for almost six years. Other medicines given symptomatically are tabulated as above. For some time, he was unable to urinate without simultaneously moving the bowels, which was completely cured with Muriatic acid in 30 potency. Hepar sulp 200 to 1M potencies took care of his difficulty to start urinating, with feeble stream. His urgency to urinate with incontinence was cured by Kreosote. He was improving progressively, when, on 25-05-2008, unfortunately he died in an accident.




George was the brother of one of my patients, who had Squamous cell carcinoma – lung. He had strong faith in Homoeopathy, after witnessing the improvement of his brother's condition. He was highly disciplined and followed my instructions meticulously. The whole family had immense faith in Homoeopathy from their own experiences.

During the six years of treatment, he got relief from all his complaints. He owned a quarry and was leading a hard and active life. He could muster all the energy required, to lead a strenuous life. But unfortunately, in February 2008, when he was working in his quarry, he slipped and fatally hit his head on a big rock.




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