Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 18

Bypassing Multiple Coronary Blocks (Coronary Artery Disease - 1999)


It was the first case of the day, I remember vividly. A 56-year-old man, tired and gasping, stepped into my clinic with a weak smile. He was a head-load worker at the Chalai market in Thiruvananthapuram with a history of Myocardial infarction (MI) and came with an angiogram report showing multiple blocks in the coronary artery. He used to carry heavy gunny bags resulting in traumatic effects on the cardiac muscle. The patient was told by the doctors at the Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram that there were sixteen blocks in his heart vessels.


After seeing the angiogram report, his doctor advised him to get prepared for a surgery as soon as possible. The doctor explained the seriousness of the condition and warned him of not to take things for granted or else he may not live for more.


   He presented with the following symptoms:

  • His problems started with burning sensation in the middle of the chest upon exertion.
  • Recurrent pains in the cardiac region.
  • Breathlessness <walking, even after a few steps.
  • There was numbness in his palms and feet.
  • He was a hot patient and had desire for warm food and drinks.
  • Blood pressure: 130/80mm Hg


Investigation reports

1. Fasting Blood Sugar: 348mg/dl (29 -09-2001)

2. ECG- 02-03 -1999

    Sinus rhythm-60/min

    Sagging ST,II,III,avF,q,

    T inversion in T4 –T6

3. TMT-stopped in stage I due to angina.

    Tested strongly positive for inducible ischaemia

4. Coronary Angiogram:


   RCA Stenosis

   Ejection fraction 50%

   Grade II- MR




Coronary Artery Disease


Unstable angina

LV dysfunction








The main medicine which gave him relief was Arnica. Initially for 6-7 months I continued giving him Arnica in 30 and later 200 potencies, one dose each, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. He got great relief for discomfort and pain in chest and was able to walk without gasping.


In §183 & §184 Dr. Hahnemann explains that whenever the first medicine gives a beneficial effect, the case should be re-examined after its course, the present state or the 'status morbi' should be noted down and a second remedy suiting that state should be selected. Similarly, after each new dose of medicine completed its action, the remaining state of the disease is to be analyzed anew and another remedy sought for until the recovery is complete.


When the acute problems were solved, I considered his other health issues. Calc flour 200 was given when he developed joint pains. Later, when he started expelling a lot of pinworms through his stool with itching of anus, Teucrium 30 followed by 200 was given for a few months. For the peculiar cough, which was relieved by drinking warm water, he took Spongia 30. In early 2002 when his blood sugar steeply shot up I gave him Insulin 30 for 3-4 months. Medorrhinum was given from 200 to 10M potencies as an anti miasmatic remedy to this sycotic patient with diabetes, joint pains and cardiac problems.


He led an active life for more than four years. In early 2003 he died at the Medical College Hospital where he was admitted for an acute viral fever.




This is a fine case that delineates the efficacy of Arnica even in a complex case. Prolonged exposure to a stressful life as a head-load worker in the tropics must have damaged his cardiac muscles.


Caught between a life threatening situation and poverty, the head- load worker had limited options. Homoeopathy provided him a low cost yet effective support.

Arnica, the main medicine given to him, is highly efficacious for treating clot formations and traumatic effects on muscles, especially to rejuvenate stressed or damaged muscles. It has the potential to reduce muscular soreness by repairing and regenerating the inflamed muscles.


Although his cardiac condition could not be reversed completely, it was readied to perform optimally so that he could lead a near to normal life. He used to walk down to my clinic, without panting, to collect the medicines. Arnica supported effectively his strained cardiac muscles through regenerative changes and dissolved the clots to a great extent, prolonging his life span. He lived for more than four years without much medical complications and incidentally succumbed to death due to viral fever and its complications at the Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram. I was out of station when he was afflicted with fever. After all, no doctor has the power to override the will of the Almighty who decides when one has to leave this world…







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