Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 25

An Antidote to Grief (Baby Refuses to Feed)


This was a curious case indeed. Why? A baby boy was refusing to take any food, including his mother's milk. His parents were very distraught, to say the least. The baby was very weak and undernourished. He was crying day and night putting all the family members in great agony. The parents were forced to give the baby sedatives on many nights as prescribed by the Paediatrician.


The helpless mother was force feeding her baby with glucose water 2-3 times daily. Losing all hopes of finding a cure for their baby in Dubai, where they were settled, they flew back to their home land, India. They consulted many doctors for a proper diagnosis and effective treatment, but in vain. After patiently listening and recording their side of the story, I enquired about the possibility of any mental or physical trauma to the mother during pregnancy or delivery. The mother replied that her father passed away in India the very next day after her delivery. Since she was in Dubai recovering from her delivery, she was not able to go home and attend the funeral rites of her father. She was the only child to her parents and had lost her mother years ago. She was very much attached to her father and his death was an intense emotional shock for her.


I gave her Ignatia 1000/1 dose. The baby started feeding on her milk from the following day. The pitiable crying stopped and the baby smiled! The mother's happiness knew no bounds. In two months' time, the baby gained weight. It was another amazing moment in my homoeopathic practice.




It is interesting to note that though it was the baby who showed reluctance in accepting feed and developed due complications, the basic problem was diagnosed to be with the mother, and she was treated. This case points to the importance of the right medical inference. Here, I obtained the vital clue, the prescribing point, by probing the mother's history. Her father's demise immediately after her delivery must have caused a deep distress and physiological imbalance in the mother, vitiating her body fluids. This could be the reason why the baby refused his mother's milk. This brought to my mind the age old ritual in Kerala – to keep an expectant and lactating mother happy and contended so that the body is kept radiant with positive energy. This case once again proved that the emotional status of a lactating mother directly influences the quality of milk she secretes.

I believe, the remedial measure that restored the synergy between the mother and her baby cannot be explained in other medical systems. Here the very first dose of Ignatia 1000 in infinitesimal dose effected the required psychological and physiological correction. These are areas that need further probe. Even now, I wonder what deterred the baby from accepting his mother's milk. Was it tasting bad due to mom's toxic emotions? Did the taste of his mother's milk improve when the underlying emotional trauma of the mother was tackled and healed? Food for thought for students and practitioners...




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