Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 24

Aortic Aneurysm & Carcinoma Oesophagus (2000)


When a patient complains of pain which is 'like a blazing torch searing the middle of the chest' then the message is loud and clear - he is in extreme agony and there is no time to lose. This was the condition of a 78-year-old man who had severe burning sensation in his mid-chest area for the past few months. The pain radiated from mid-chest to all over the trunk, below the neck and at times spread to the arms. Externally the patient was cold, but internally he felt like heat emanating from his body. He preferred to be under the blanket whenever he felt feverish, mostly from 1 pm to 7 pm. He had lost appetite for the past few months and had great difficulty in swallowing food too. There was frequent and troublesome belching. Curiously, his burning pain got relieved by warm food and drinks and hot application. Though warm liquids brought him slight relief, he preferred starving over it.


Physically and mentally he was very restless. When he came to me, his anxiety and restlessness were quite evident. He was unable to even narrate his symptoms. He was constantly moving around in the consulting room while I was documenting his case. At one moment he was sitting, the next getting up and moving to the adjacent room, then again coming back and sitting in front of me and so on. All his ailments started about two years ago and aggravated in the past three months.


History of present complaints


He worked in Kuwait for more than three decades and relocated to Kerala in the recent past. He was into farming in Kodanadu, a beautiful village in central Kerala, and in no time established himself as a landlord and progressive farmer. About two years ago, he started experiencing difficulty in swallowing. Investigations revealed Aortic Aneurysm of arch and descending thoracic aorta and Carcinoma – middle third of the oesophagus. Considering his age and the adjacent placement of the swollen aorta and the affected portion of the oesophagus, doctors at one of the leading hospitals in Thiruvananthapuram, advised against surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. So, he started taking a famous herbal medicine and homoeopathic t reatment f rom another homoeopath. Initially, they brought him some relief. But over the past three months his dysphagia aggravated and he started to experience a burning sensation in the chest coupled with sleeplessness and restlessness. The patient, who was unable to sit in front of me due to pain and restlessness, painted a picture of total distress.


Family history

His mother died of Carcinoma-oesphagus and Aortic Aneurysm, when she was of his age. His sister also died of Carcinoma-uterus.


Investigation findings

I. Middle and lower one third of the oesophagus is ulcero proliferative (Squamous cell carcinoma)


II. Left lobe of the liver is enlarged.

III. Arch of aorta, descending thoracic and abdominal aorta is aneurysmal.

IV. Prostate enlarged - 47X 42X 36 mms




I started with Ars alb 30 on 03-12-2000, considering his intense restlessness and burning sensation. The next day his brother went to check on him. He asked him how he was feeling, to which, he replied that he was sick as ever. Not convinced, his brother probed for a reason. He revealed that as he took the sachet of powder, his tongue picked a small hard particle which he spat out thinking it was some dirt! It meant that he didn't take the medicated pill, the vital portion of the medicine. When I was informed, I advised him to repeat the medicine with proper instructions. By next day, the patient was feeling much better. There was immense relief for his burning pain and he had a good night's sleep.


During the next month, when he was under my treatment, I gave him Thuja 30 on miasmatic basis and a few medicines guided by symptoms. Argentum met 200/ 1 dose was given when he had “restless sleep; anxious frightful dreams – on awakening believes them true.” (Hering's guiding symptoms – Vol. 1, p.505). When he developed stringy mucous expectorations, Kali bich 30 was also prescribed. He got relief with all these medicines and more so with Ars alb. And on 07-01-2001 he died peacefully.




Is it not miraculous to give rapid and gentle relief to cancer distress through medicines in sub-physiological doses? Carcinoma in advanced stages is incurable with any medicine. This patient was in the 4th stage of Carcinoma. In this acute phase, Homoeopathy can help in reducing the suffering of the patient better than any other medication. Prescription should be based on the most distressing symptom. When the symptom changes we should resort to a suitable remedial course too. Many a time, Homoeopathy can provide succor to a patient and prolong his life.


After taking the first dose of medicine, when the patient spat out the medicated pill in the sachet of powder, he didn't get any relief. Later, when he consumed it properly he started getting immense relief. Many criticize our medicines and dismiss Homoeopathy as a placebo therapy. Such clinical experiences prove the contrary. This aged man was under my treatment only for a short period but through proper homoeopathic medicines I could bring him relief from months of extreme torture. He had a peaceful death with his son by his side. It is interesting to note that the doctors of the Modern medicine, after examining him, cautioned his family to be mentally prepared to face his possible traumatic end. They were told that his oesophagus was ulcerating and that his Aneurysm could explode which could result in bleeding from nose and mouth. But his last moments were serene and peaceful.


The palliative medicine required in an incurable case is always the most similimum. ‘The role of a physician is dynamic, as he is not always called to cure.’ Though I could not cure him or prolong his life considerably, I could palliate him successfully towards a calm end. He bid adieu with a smile!



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