Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 20

Right Therapy Arrests Epilepsy (1999)


It was probably the first case of the day when a lean 18-year-old youth, who was suffering from epilepsy for a while, stepped into my clinic. The cause of illness is not that evident. He had the first seizure when he was 18 months old and the second one at the age of nine. Since then, the epileptic attacks were quite frequent, at an interval of two to four months, and sometimes even three to four times a day. The aura usually began in the eyes as darkness. There was ‘epileptic cry’ associated with the attacks. The seizures occurred during day and night. Emotional stress mostly induced these attacks.


Appetite – good

Bowels – regular

Sleep – Disturbed

Thermally a hot patient, he preferred cold food and drinks.

He had a history of occasional bouts of fever. He used to sneeze while washing his face and hands with cold water.

He had an irritable and a quarrelsome disposition.




Epilepsy, in this case, was not due to any structural changes in the brain. As psoric miasm was prominent here, Sulphur was given in 1M and 10M potencies. Finally, for constitutional correction, Silicea was prescribed from 200 to 50M potencies. The whole treatment was spread over eight years, and this young man was totally cured of this annoying disorder.




Epilepsy can be due to functional and structural aberrations in the brain. Even after many investigations, the allopathic school was at sea over the cause of epilepsy in this case. Homoeopathically, epilepsy comes under chronic miasmatic diseases. Here, the prominent miasm being psora, Sulphur was given in high potency for miasmatic correction. Later, I proceeded with his constitutional remedy, Silicea in 200 potency, gradually raising the potency to 1M, 10M and 50M. The curative power of Silicea in neurological disorders is really encouraging. Though it is an inert substance in its crude form, once it is potentized it is one of our most powerful tools. Silicea has deeper and longer duration of action. It is a slow-acting medicine too. So after each dose, I gave sufficient time for the previous dose to complete its action before repeating.


I started treatment on 24-05-1999. He was under medication for eight years. He had three epileptic attacks till 20-3-2000 and none thereafter. He continued treatment till 2007. Today, this young man is leading an epilepsy-free healthy life. Every real homoeopathic cure boldly endorses what our master had said two hundred years ago. Nothing has changed ever since, neither the principles nor the medicines. Everything is as good as ever.


Here, I would like to recall another case of epilepsy. A man got frightened, seeing a dead body during his routine morning walk along a sea shore. He developed seizures since then. I gave him Opium 200 and later 1M potency. He was completely cured of this menace. This was purely a psycho somatic disorder. An aetiological prescription did the magic here.


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§29- “As every disease (not strictly belonging to the domain of surgery) depends only on a peculiar morbid derangement of our vital force in sensations and functions, when a homoeopathic cure of the vital force deranged by natural disease is accomplished by the administration of a medicinal agent selected on account of an accurate similarity of symptoms, a somewhat stronger, similar, artificial morbid affection is brought into contact with and, as it were, pushed into the place of the weaker, similar, natural morbid irritation, against which the instinctive vital force, now merely (though in a stronger degree) medicinally diseased, is then compelled to direct an increased amount of energy, but, on account of the shorter duration of the action of the medicinal agent that now morbidly affects it, the vital force soon overcomes this, and as it was in the first instance relieved from the natural morbid affection, so it is now at last freed from the substituted artificial (medicinal) one, and hence is enabled again to carry on healthily the vital operations of the organism. This highly probable explanation of the process rests on the following axioms.” - Modus Operandi of Cure, Organon of Medicine




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