Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 16

Untying The Knots of Miasmatic Anastomosis at Last!

(A Cosmetic Problem - 2007)


He was a handsome young man. But he had a blot - an obstinate skin lesion. This 27-year-old man had dry, black patchy lesions on the face, especially on his nose. There were many such patchy crusts on his face. These black crusts were dry and difficult to remove. On forcibly removing them, the underlying flesh also came along with it, with profuse bleeding. He had itching after bathing. These black patches on the face were a genuine cosmetic problem as they were making his face ugly and repulsive. I felt sorry for him.


He also had swelling of the gums, ulceration of mucous membrane of mouth and lips, with bad breath. He had a troublesome wisdom tooth on his left lower jaw. He had flatulence from spicy food. Abdomen was tympanitic and he felt better after belching. He used to get frequent attacks of cold and cough.


His thermal reaction was hot, with desire for warm food and drinks. His appetite was fairly good and he had desire for foods such as meat, prawns, shell fish, fish, eggs, pickles but he did not like sweets. He had constipation after having spicy foods, with ineffectual urge to pass stool.




I started treatment with Merc sol 200 to cover the prominent syphilitic miasm in him with offensive ulcerations in his mouth, followed by Sulphur. His constitutional medicine, Lycopodium; and Ars alb from 200 to 10M potencies were also given. His flatulence, oral conditions and many constitutional problems got settled and the skin of his face showed some relief. But the lesions were still obstinate, black, hard and sticking to the skin. Antium crud from 10M to CM potencies, over a period of three years, gave a lot of relief, though couldn't clear it completely. For completing the cure, I gave Kreosotum 1M to CM potencies. He was very co-operative during the entire course of treatment which lasted from mid 2007 up to the beginning of 2015.




Though this was not a life threatening illness, a cosmetic issue in a youth in his prime age cannot be ignored. While analyzing the case, I understood the complex miasmatic anastomosis of psora and syphilis in this case. I explained the homoeopathic perspective to the patient, preparing him for the long journey ahead.


A single medicine cannot clear the miasmatic complexities accumulated on his robust self. I could wipe off the obstinate, black, adherent patches from his face with a few deep acting medicines, each guided by symptoms and miasmatic prominence.


Ulcerations in buccal mucosa, bad breath and peculiar appearance of the facial lesions were suggesting the prominence of syphilitic miasm; hence I started treatment with Merc sol 200 on 02-06-2007. I proceeded with his constitutional medicine, Lycopodium. He received 200 to 10M potencies of Lycopodium and could achieve some constitutional corrections, especially for his flatulent dyspepsia.


Now, six months into the treatment, I selected Ars alb (200, 1M, 10M) when his cold and sneezing bouts became prominent and also for his offensive oral conditions. This was followed by Sulphur 1M to 10M potencies to totally eradicate his allergic tendency. Now, one year into the treatment, his basic skin lesions at least got arrested from spreading. From July 2008, for three years, he was under Antim crud, high potency till CM potency. Each time, a single pill was given. Each dose acted for 2 - 9 months according to the potency given. In April, 2011, last dose of Antim crud CM was given. There was considerable amelioration for his skin lesions. When there was no further improvement, I selected the anti-syphilitic medicine, Kreosote, given in 1M, 10M, 50M and CM potencies in succession. Last dose of Kreosote CM was given in early 2015.


The history from 2007 to 2015 is here for you to see and judge. One can make out from the photograph attached the difference that the treatment made to his face. Although not a life threatening disease, for this young man, getting his face back made a world of difference to his personality, confidence, and outlook on life!


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“… of the three fold complication of the three chronic miasms, the fig-wart disease with the venereal chancre miasm and at the same time a developed psora and these cases were cured according to the same method; i.e., the Psora was treated first, then the one of the other two chronic miasmata, the symptoms of which were at the time the most prominent, and then the last one. The remaining psoric symptoms had then still to be combatted with suitable remedies and then lastly what there yet remained of sycosis or syphilis, by means of the remedies given above.” · The Chronic Diseases Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homoeopathic Cure by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.




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