Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 15

Blindness Averted, Life Ebbs & Flows... (Heredomacular Dystrophy - 2006)


One's childhood should be full of colours and there can be no two ways about it, isn't it? But for this 9-year-old charming little girl colour was a distant dream. She was brought to my clinic by her anxious father. She had colour blindness and progressive loss of vision. She was wearing thick glasses. Her vision was deteriorating progressively, and the power of her prescription glasses had increased every few months. She was a healthy child otherwise.


Her father had taken her to many ophthalmologists in south India. One specialist who examined her gave the diagnosis of HEREDOMACULAR DYSTROPHY, or inherited macular degeneration. The doctor also gave the prognosis that the disease was incurable, and no medicine has been discovered, so far, anywhere in the world. The doctor added that the disease would progress with the possibility of the girl becoming blind by twenty years of age. The desperate father asked me if I could help his daughter through Homoeopathy. I could see the deep anxiety in his eyes.


Her past history revealed that she had developed a skin disease when she was about one year old. She was treated for a long period with Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicines. Finally the skin disease subsided. Soon after, she had complained that she was unable to read what was written on the black board at school. An eye specialist prescribed her glasses. As months passed by, she continued to struggle in school due to poor vision. Her vision kept deteriorating progressively, with frequent changes in prescription of her glasses. Although she always felt hot, she disliked taking bath.



They came with all the investigation reports. The Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) images at different stages of treatment are attached here.




Considering the history of suppression of her skin disease and other physical generals, I gave her a dose of Sulphur 1M. I warned them about the possible reappearance of her old skin problem and told them not to use any internal or external medicine, whatsoever for the same. I explained the restrictions in diet and the regimen to be followed in the treatment of chronic diseases. They were so desperate that they were ready to follow every instruction.


After five weeks, her progressive loss of vision was arrested and her skin eruptions returned. She was given Sulphur 10M. I gave her Sulphur in higher potencies up to CM potency as and when required.


When the girl developed circular itchy skin lesions, Tellurium 30 to 1M potency was given. I believe students can learn the duration of action of medicines, especially for 1M and higher potencies, from the attached prescription chart. One dose of Sulphur in CM potency acted even for many years. She was given medicines only for some acute problems she developed in between; and she was on Saccharum Lactose for many months.


Gradually, all her skin symptoms were revealed and her vision started improving. She could now see and read the blackboard without any difficulty. I asked her to read the small print in the 'Chamber's Dictionary.' I was surprised when she read it without glasses. As the skin symptoms became prominent, her vision became normal, and gradually the skin symptoms also subsided. The ophthalmologist who was assessing her case was amazed with her improvement. She was very cooperative and encouraging. The girl took treatment from 2006 to 2015. Her family wanted to continue the treatment until she reached 20 years of age, since the ophthalmologist had earlier warned them of the possibility of her completely losing her vision by that age. But when she turned 18 years, an OCT image was taken that gave an absolutely normal report. So following my advice, they stopped the treatment. Now she is leading a normal life, without glasses.


Date              Medicine
31.07.2006   Sulphur 1M/1 dose
28.08.2006   Sulphur 10M/1 dose
23.10.2006   Sulphur 10M/1 dose
09.12.2006   Sulphur 10M/1 dose
10.04.2007   Ars alb 30/1 dose
19.06.2007   Rhus tox 200/2 doses
30.06.2007   Sulphur 10M/1 dose
11.04.2008   Sulphur 10M/1 dose
12.07.2008   Thuja 1M/1 dose
08.08.2008   Sulphur 10M/1 dose
12.12.2008   Rhus tox 200/2 doses
21.03.2009   Sulphur 50M/1 dose
31.08.2009   Sulphur CM/1 dose
26.03.2010   Rhus tox 200/2 doses
06.04.2010   Sulphur CM/1 dose
05.09.2010   Bryonia 200/2 doses
17.09.2010   Bryonia 200/2 doses
28.12.2010   Tuberculinum 200/1 dose
03.02.2011   Ars iod 200/2 doses
16.05.2011   Tuberculinum 200/1 dose
19.08.2011   Merc sol 200/ 2 doses
22.11.2011   Thuja 1M/1 dose
14.01.2012   Pulsatilla 1M/1 dose
28.03.2012   Pulsatilla 10M/1 dose
05.09.2012   Arnica 200/2 doses
03.11.2012   Tellurium 30/4 doses
01.12.2012   Tellurium 200/2 doses
24.01.2013   Tellurium 1M/1 dose
18.02.2013   Tellurium 1M/1 dose
27.03.2013   Sulphur 1M/1 dose
29.05.2013   Sulphur 10M/1 dose
19.10.2013   Gelsemium 1M/1 dose
04.12.2013   Syphilinum 1M/1 dose
24.03.2014   Sulphur 1M/1 dose
02.07.2015   Sulphur 50M/1 dose




This case speaks for itself. It clearly shows the malignant effects of suppression of skin disease i.e. of psora. The correct dynamic medicine brought out the suppressed skin disease back, reverting the macular degeneration and correcting her visual defects. Her vision returned, and the skin symptoms after running its course finally got completely cleared. It was a smooth landing! The patient and her parents were elated and grateful. This was again a moment of pride for the wonderful system and the physician.


Normally, there is little reason to connect a debilitating blindness to an old-forgotten skin disease. The miasmatic itching eruption vanishing without a trace and resurfacing many years later as macular degeneration causing progressive loss of vision delineates a subtle but unperceivable body change. A minute dose of Sulphur plays a vital role in reversing the situation, taking the girl back to her bad skin days. Once her body shreds the burden of her deeply embedded original illness, she regains normalcy and vision, proclaiming the wondrous truth of ‘Psora theory.’


Dr. Hahnemann spent twelve years investigating the source of this incredibly complex and large number of chronic afflictions, ascertaining and collecting proof of this great truth and discovering the principal anti-psoric remedies for this thousand headed monster of disease in all its different developments and forms. Shouldn't we be grateful?




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