Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 37

Homoeopathy Arrests Recurrent Suppuration (Perianal Abscess - 2015)


It was a hectic day for me and I was pretty tired when this 25-year- old woman stepped into my clinic. She was in pain. She had a swelling very close to her anus at 9 o'clock position. She also had fever for more than a week. The complaint had started in November 2014 as a small swelling near the anus. Gradually the swelling increased in size, along with pain and fever. She took allopathic treatment, which gave her relief but the complaints recurred with more severity the following month. Again, antibiotics were given and she was advised to undergo a scan. She previously had a history of pilonidal sinus about 7-8 years ago that had been surgically corrected. She had a hairy constitution. She stayed in a hostel where the food she ate lacked both taste and nutrition. The perianal abscess again occurred in February 2015 when she came to see me. On examination, there was redness, heat and tenderness. She had suffered from an attack of vertigo two weeks ago for which she had taken allopathic treatment.


She also suffered from chronic sneezing in the morning soon after waking up. < Cold < Dust

Bowels - irregular

Thermal reaction- she is neither hot nor chilly




Silicea, from 6x to 50M potencies, was given. One week after the treatment, the abscess broke open. A lot of pus was drained, area cleaned and dressed. There was oozing of pus and blood for a few days. Meanwhile, she developed high fever and Pyrogen 1M/1D each, was given on 26-02-2015 and 03-03-2015. Thereafter the progress was rapid. The abscess healed completely within a month. She continued treatment to prevent recurrence of the abscess. She was getting slight tenderness in that area sporadically. I gave her Tuberculinum 1M to root out the underlying miasm which was precipitating the recurrent suppuration. After a month, Tuberculinum 10M was given which helped to completely wipe out this tendency.




Silicea has a strong control over suppurative processes – for maturing abscess when desired or reducing excessive suppuration. Suppuration, especially recurrent suppuration, is a syphilitic trait. Here, the recurrent abscess formation and a past history of pilonidal sinus point to a prominence of syphilitic miasm. Her already active internal psora was manifested through her allergic tendencies- excessive sneezing from dust, cold, etc. This psora + syphilis combination was responsible for her repeated abscess formation and related problems. Tuberculinum in high potency was able to root out this tendency. In a chronic disease, with a tendency to recur, if the well selected similimum is unable to give a permanent restoration to health, there must be an internal active miasm in the background. The physician should be able to capture it from the portrait of the patient and take care of it through carefully selected anti-miasmatic remedies. The concept of ‘Miasmatic tendency’ was postulated by Dr. Hahnemann in 1827. A similar theory is gaining relevance and is being endorsed in recent medical journals - A strain of bacteria alone cannot trigger an infection in a person, unless he is genetically predisposed to it.


For successfully treating chronic diseases, every student should have the ability to identify the underlying miasm and annihilate it. There is only one solution to acquire this ability – thoroughly learning our philosophy and Dr. Hahnemann's great work, “The Chronic Diseases- Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homoeopathic Cure”, before venturing into treating chronic diseases.



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Hering’s law of direction of cure

Cure takes place

  • From above downwards
  • From within outwards
  • From more important to less important organs
  • In the reverse order of appearance of symptoms





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