Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 23

Miasmatic Therapy for Infertility of Ten Years (2000)


This 33-year-old lady, presently settled abroad, was very depressed when she consulted me about sixteen years ago for infertility treatment along with her husband. They had knocked the doors of scores of doctors, in almost all systems of medicine, seeking a solution for over ten years, but in vain. Still, they always carried a glimmer of hope. And that brought them to me. I recorded her case in detail; her previous ailments and the treatment underwent.


Presenting complaints


She complained of pain and dryness of vagina, accompanied by pain in the anus and down the thighs. Her menses was painful, though regular. She had pain in the abdomen and back from mid- cycle to her periods. She had flatulence too during this phase. She had warts on her palms and corns on her soles. For the past four months, she was under allopathic treatment for acne on her face. Emotionally she was irritable, impatient, fault-finding and worrisome. Her abdomen scan showed uterine fibroid, and endometriosis. She also had hydro-salpinx on one side. Doctor advised surgery and a date was also fixed. But her husband decided against it at the last moment.


Appetite - normal, aversion to milk, craving for pickles. Prefers warm food and drinks.

Bowels – constipated, had to strain for a long time

Sleep - Good

Thermally she was a hot patient.


Past history

Age 17 years – Goitre, homoeopathic treatment 1 ½ years

Age 20 years - Amoebic dysentery which lasted for 1 year.

Age 22 years - Urinary infection, took allopathic treatment.


Later on, she developed urinary calculus – Calcium Oxalate detected through urine examination – she had pain in the right side of her abdomen.


Before marriage she had pain in all her joints. After marriage, she developed severe back ache, fallout of a long bike journey. She underwent allopathic treatment for the pain and that brought her temporary relief. She treaded the same allopathic path for treating warts and back pain during 1994-98.


Earlier, she had a wart on her finger and her husband tried to manipulate it with a blade. Later, she developed warts all over her hands and also on her neck.


She also had corns on her soles. An allopathic doctor advised her to apply salicylic acid externally but did not encourage cauterization as there was a chance of recurrence. So she decided to take Ayurvedic treatment, but that had little effect.

She also developed short sight in 2001.


Family history

Her mother had a big fibroid in uterus.


Treatment history

1993 - D & C was done followed by Allopathic medication.

1999 - She developed pain in the ovarian region, due to a cyst. Subsequently, a Laparotomy was conducted.

They tried IUI. She developed jaundice after taking an injection for inducing ovulation. So they couldn't go further with the treatment. Then they tried Ayurveda, but it didn't work favourably either. They also tried Homoeopathy, Sidha (1998 to 2000) and Unani treatment.




Before starting treatment I advised her to stop all treatments and investigations for the next two years. It may take at least two years for a desired result for a case like hers.


After starting her treatment with Nux vom.30, I proceeded to give her Lycopodium, her constitutional remedy, from 200 to CM potencies. Her miasmatic background was evidently sycotic. In addition to Thuja and Medorrhinum in high potency, she was also given Antim crud, also in high potency. I started her treatment on 07-07-2000 and she gave a positive pregnancy test on 27-12-2002. Both husband and wife were extremely happy. She continued homoeopathic treatment during her pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy on 11-07-2003.




As you can see, the case was predominantly a sycotic one. The lady’s mother had a big fibroid in her uterus. The patient also had fibroid-uterus apart from endometriosis and a lot of warts. Dr. Hahnemann in “The Chronic Diseases” states that several antimiasmatic medicines in succession are needed to achieve a miasmatic correction in a chronic case. Lycopodium was her constitutional remedy. Lyco, being a very deep acting medicine covering all the three miasms, can make miasmatic as well as constitutional correction when given in high potency. They are now settled in the US and the boy is 13 years old. Even now, they give only homeopathic treatment to their son after duly consulting me over telephone.

Curiously, most of the time, patients suffering from infertility come to a homoeopath as a last resort, after all the other systems of medicine failed to produce the desired result. Don't you think the treatment would be easier if Homoeopathy was their first choice? My experience reveals that about two years of strict Classical Homoeopathy can bring hope and happiness to many a childless couple. In this case, I corrected the constitutional and miasmatic imbalances in the lady, with medicines in infinitesimal doses. She was neither advised any expensive investigations nor was the treatment expensive. Homoeopathy is a gentle therapy. It is the science of the future. And Miracles do happen in Classical Homoeopathy, I would dare to say!





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