Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 2

Grief & Vexation Taken Care of (Infertility)


Distress was writ large on their face as the young couple, married for seven years, came to meet me. Reason? They were not blessed with a child. Before consulting me, they had sought the help of a specialist, underwent various medical tests and finally were told that they had no medical condition preventing them from having a child. From their case history, I understood that they were happily married and leading a satisfactory life. I further asked the woman whether she had had any physical illness or mishaps in life in close proximity to her marriage. She replied that her mother had passed away just seven days after her marriage, which was a terrible shock for her and affected her emotionally. She did not menstruate thereafter. And she was only 26-years-old.


I gave her Ignatia 1000/ 1dose, giving importance to the mental trauma she underwent.


During her next visit, she reported giddiness and tiredness. I advised her to do a urine test for pregnancy. After three weeks, she came back with a report of positive pregnancy. We were all very happy. She continued with the homoeopathic treatment. Pregnancy was uneventful. She gave birth to a handsome baby boy.





In §225, Dr. Hahnemann explains corporeal diseases that originate and are kept up by emotional causes. In §227, our master explains that the fundamental cause of such ailments is “Psoric miasm.” He advises that in such cases, the seemingly cured patient should be subjected to a radical anti-psoric treatment so that he may not fall into a similar state again.


The lady was found to be medically sound to conceive a child. Yet why couldn't she conceive remained a perplexing question. While taking her case history, it became evident that she had a deep, silent psychological scar. She had lost her mother seven days into her marriage, which had caused her insurmountable grief, although to all outward appearances she was normal. Mostly, people are able to overcome and bury such hurts over time. In her case, the grief condensed deep into her psyche, disturbing the vital somatic system, causing a dormant trauma that manifested in only one clinical piece of evidence – 'Amenorrhoea'. Hahnemann explains that dormant trauma and its ill effects affect the functioning of our vital systems over the years. Homoeopathy provides answers to such unexplainable medical issues in a comprehensive way, looking into levels beyond the material plane. In such cases, since the imbalance happen on the imperceptible non-material plane, the correction should also begin there. A medicine like Ignatia in high potency did exactly that. As Stuart Close in his “Genius of Homoeopathy” says, “This is Homoeopathy. It is a shell which some find hard to crack, but when cracked it is found to be packed full of sweet and wholesome meat, with no worms in it.”


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