Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 3

Chronic Deaf-Mutism Resolved (1972)


Miracles do happen and this case is a classic example of that phenomenon. A 17-year-old girl with infectious hepatitis was admitted in May 1972 to the Government Homoeopathic Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, while I was working there. During consultation, her mother usually answered me. On the third day, during my routine morning rounds, as her mother was not around, I asked the girl a few questions but she did not respond. The nurse told me that the girl was deaf and couldn't speak either. Later from her mother, I got to know that when she was two-and-a-half- years old, she had a severe attack of typhoid fever and was admitted to a hospital. The condition was serious and she stayed in the hospital for more than three months. Two weeks after she was discharged, her parents were shocked to notice that she was unable to do any more baby talk. They consulted a pediatrician. He examined her and revealed the painful truth to them that the child had become deaf, as a complication of typhoid. He added that it was difficult to cure.


As part of hepatitis treatment, I started off with one dose of Chelidonium 30, as she preferred warm drinks. After the second dose of Chelidonium 30, her urine became clear and the yellow colour of her conjunctiva also reduced. I didn't discharge her as I was considering the possibilities of correcting her deaf-mutism. One day, during my rounds, her mother told me that the girl complained of a firm swelling in the inguinal region with moderate pain. There was induration, but no tenderness. I prescribed a single dose of Silicea 1000 to abort it. To my surprise, she developed convulsions the very next day. The patient's relatives were upset and panicky. Since Silicea 1M was given the previous day, I decided to observe the case and wait without giving any other medicine. I reassured her mother and gave lots of placebo. I observed that the patient developed five episodes of convulsions on the first day, three the second day, one on the third day and none thereafter. The swelling started reducing and by the end of two weeks, it disappeared completely. On the 23rd day, when I was taking the morning rounds, I asked her, “How do you feel?” As her mother was not around, she replied incoherently, “I have headache.” We were all surprised to hear that. She was deaf and dumb for 14 years and had suddenly started speaking! The patient's father was a peon in the secretariat and the news of this miracle cure spread all over. The then Health Minister, Shri. N. K. Balakrishnan, visited the hospital to witness the miraculous recovery. The case was much talked about and was published in newspapers and magazines across Kerala.




Constitutional/miasmatic correction must have happened in this case. In the treatment of chronic diseases, I have observed that following the administration of a deep acting polychrest remedy for two or three main ailments, cure usually happens for the patient as a whole. Correction happens in multiple levels in the person’s constitution that come under the sphere of action of that polychrest, though it may be on unexpected and unrelated areas.

It is like a bonus we receive for our sincere efforts.


I observed that the severity of convulsions was reducing day by day. After giving a deep acting medicine in high potency, we should try to avoid giving another potentised medicine as long as it is acting. A change of medication is warranted only if a severe acute problem props up. So in this case, no separate medicine was given for convulsions.

I verified from her parents that the convulsions following Silicea were not a reappearance of an old symptom. She had no previous history of convulsions in her life. Then why she developed convulsions following Silicea is a question I'm unable to fathom. Probably this was a healing crisis the body went through. These are miracles that need further investigation by my students.


(photo)Dr. K. J. Isaac successfully cures Nirmala, who was deaf and dumb for long. Seen here with the then Health Minister N. K. Balakrishnan who is vouching for Dr. Isaac’s reported medical triumph at the Karamana government homoeopathic hospital.


This case was reported in the Malayalam dailies ‘Malayala Manorama’, dated August 12, 1972 and ‘Mathrubhumi’, dated August 17, 1972; and Malayalam weekly ‘Kala Kaumudi’ dated December 7, 1975.


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