Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 4

A Broad Spectrum Homoeopathic Antibiotic! (Puerperal Fever)


Medical negligence is unpardonable and there can't be no two ways about it. A sister of one of my students was a victim of such a negligence. She developed very high fever and abdominal pain after delivery by Caesarian section. As it turned out, it was a clear case of negligence on the part of the surgeon who performed the C-section. The surgical team members found to their dismay that they had left a swab inside, which was duly removed, but the fever continued to spike even after a strong antibiotic regimen for thirty days.


I prescribed her a dose of Pyrogen 200. Within hours, her fever came down and she began to regain strength. The correct medicine in the right potency and dose brings a 'rapid, gentle & permanent restoration of health'. Homoeopathy is never slow in a curable case, provided the selection of medicine & potency is accurate and the administration of the minimum dose is strictly followed.




In spite of repeated courses of antibiotics the patient's condition didn't improve. Following a dose of Pyrogen 200, the restoration of health was rapid. Pyrogen, a Nosode, prepared from the product of sepsis, is valuable as a Homoeopathic dynamic antiseptic. It is highly recommended in septicaemia, latent pyogenic conditions, septic puerperal infections, septicaemia following abortions and post-operative sepsis, among others.


Patients in septicaemia generally present with acute sufferings. Pyrogen has provided rapid and immense relief to many of my patients in such stages. I was amazed on many an occasion to see the speed of recovery following administration of Pyrogen.


Once a patient with dental caries with heavy pus collection was advised root canal treatment. A dose of Pyrogen absorbed the pus and the patient could avoid RCT. Another patient with recurrent abscesses near coccyx got permanent relief, even arresting its recurrence, when I gave 2-3 doses of Pyrogen 1 M. It is even recommended to arouse the vital activity of patients who were “never been well since septic fever”.


This case shows the supremacy of Pyrogen over an army of antibiotics in suppurative conditions. Antibiotics are bacteria specific. Culture and sensitivity to antibiotics is done before selecting an antibiotic in a specific case. But for homoeopaths, Pyrogen is the sure shot solution to destroy bacteria which are the end results of suppuration. Pyrogen is not bacteria specific, since it is not even acting directly on the bacteria. It is acting on a higher plane where the dynamic derangement occurred, fortifying the body against bacterial infection. See the beauty of the modus operandi of Homoeopathic cures!


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“In such conditions as asphyxia, shock from various sources, and even from ingestion of poisons, among many other so- called emergencies, homoeopathic remedies in skilful hands have saved lives with almost miraculous speed and with the happiest of results.” H.A.Roberts




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