Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 40

The Essence of Psora Theory (Colic & Skin Disease)


It was one of the days when the OPD was really hectic. And this 13-year-old boy from Kochi was brought to me by his father. He complained of recurrent attacks of severe abdominal pain and loose stool. He came to me after undergoing a lot of conventional treatments for this gastric problem as well as a skin disease he was suffering from for a few years. They stayed in a hotel in Thiruvananthapuram during the course of treatment. My first prescription was Nux vomica 30, based on the acute totality. I gave him four doses of Nux vom 30 and told him to take one dose weekly. After two weeks, it was reported that the pain completely subsided after the second dose.


I then gave him the complementary medicine, Sulphur in 1M potency, to avoid the recurrence of pain. In a few days, the patient presented with severe itching and oozing eruptions all over the body. On inquiry, his father told me that the boy was having similar skin problems every December for the past few years. Each time, he took treatment from a Dermatologist. The previous December, the skin disease was mild, and instead, the boy developed severe abdominal pain. I realized that the abdominal pain must be the manifestation of the suppressed skin lesions. The psoric skin condition, when suppressed, gets driven inwards into a vital organ. This phenomenon, which is clearly explained in our homoeopathic philosophy, is something that I have witnessed in many patients with chronic diseases.




In this case, when our king of anti-psoric, Sulphur was given, it promptly brought out the suppressed skin disease. I advised the patient not to take any other treatment including topical applications, which would suppress the skin disease again. The boy was in agony due to the acuteness of itching and wet, painful eruptions. The oozing lasted for 3 - 4 weeks. I reassured the patient, explaining the disease phenomena and gave a lot of placebo. In such situations, we can appreciate the wonderful action of placebo and the satisfaction it gives to the patient. I went on with Sulphur in higher potencies, giving sufficient time for the previous medicine to act and followed up the case up to 50M. It took almost a year to completely annihilate the skin disease. The severe colic for which the boy came to me initially for treatment never recurred.




This case is another example of Dr. Hahnemann's Psora theory. Here I would like to give you a gist of Psora theory explained in “The Chronic Diseases” by Dr. Hahnemann.


The infection with miasms takes place in one single moment, the one most favorable for infections. After this moment of infection, no ablution, cauterization or burning, not even cutting off the part, can destroy or undo the development of the disease within.


When the internal development of the miasms is complete, the diseased vital force endeavors to alleviate and soothe the internal

malady through the establishment of a suitable local symptom on the skin. In case of Psora it is the itch-vesicles. As long as these remain in the skin, the Psora with its secondary ailments cannot break forth, but remain slumbering as latent Psora. But if the outer local symptoms be driven from the skin or disappear by itself, the internal disease, if uncured, never leaves the system, but continually increases with years, unless healed by the Art.


The external local symptoms of Psora – eruption and itch – which serve to assuage the internal malady, if hastily removed by faulty practices, one cannot predict with what fury the internal Psora will manifest itself, bringing unspeakable misfortune on the suffering humanity. These secondary symptoms of Psora are innumerable, as manifold as the peculiarities of bodily constitutions and of the outer world that modifies them. Dr. Hahnemann gives umpteen examples of this phenomenon in his book “The Chronic Diseases” from his own experience and that of his contemporaries such as Ludwig Christian Juncker. He elaborates many cases of asthma, pleurisy, ulcers in stomach, dropsy, cataract, amaurosis, deafness, diabetes, piles, epilepsy, paralysis and insanity from destruction of local ailments or suppression of the primary symptoms of Psora.


Dr. Hahnemann researched and found that Psora is the most ancient, most universal, most destructive, and most hydra- headed of all chronic miasmatic diseases. Innumerable chronic ailments follow the destruction of the primary itch eruption from the skin. Thus Psora became the universal mother of chronic diseases – at least 7/8th of all chronic maladies spring from it.


Gaining knowledge about the origin and evolution of chronic miasms alone is not sufficient enough to treat chronic diseases. While analyzing each case, the physician should have the wisdom to differentiate between the root cause and the secondary symptoms of Psora. In the above case, colic originating from the skin disease suppression is the clue to the treatment schedule. Awareness about this fundamental truth gives the required confidence to the physician to wait for the cure after administering the medicine, and tread the long path towards cure. The patient should also be educated about these fundamentals of disease evolution by the physician, so that he will be cooperative.




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Cure of Psora : “It is very seldom cured by any single antipsoric remedy, but requires the use of several of these remedies- in worst cases the use of quite a number of them- one after the other, for its perfect cure.”

“It remains, therefore, an established truth that the cure of the entire destructive Psora through antipsoric remedies is effected most easily only while the original eruption of itch is still present.” - The Chronic Diseases Their Peculiar Nature and their Homoeopathic Cure by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.



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