Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 39

Wipes Out Allergy in One Go (Food Allergy - 2015)


What's the standard advice a doctor or dietician gives to a patient to be healthy? Have more vegetables. And what if you are allergic to certain veggies? Then things are pretty precarious. This 45-year-old woman was in that situation. She complained of being allergic to certain leafy vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower for the past six months. Before that, these vegetables were part of her regular diet. Of late, she discovered that whenever she ate these leafy vegetables she developed intense itching sensation in different parts of her body. These areas would become red with scratching. She had a history of skin disease during her childhood.


She complained of severe headache during menses, which got better with cold application. She also suffered from flatulence whenever she ate spicy and sour dishes like sambar.


Appetite - normal, with desire for lukewarm food and drinks.

Desires - Sweets, Tea, Meat, Chicken, Fish, Ghee, Shellfish (Crab), Prawns, Coffee

Aversion - Pickles, Acidic food. Bowels - Regular.

Sleep - Normal. Thermal reaction - Hot.




I gave a dose of Lycopodium, her constitutional medicine, for correcting allergy. Both her allergy and headache were cured by just two doses of Lyco 30.

Date              Medicine

29.05.2015   Lycopodium 30/2 doses

01.07.2015   Saccharum lactose

17.10.2015   Saccharum lactose




The patient came to me with a notion that Homoeopathy was a slow acting system. She was surprised when she got such rapid relief. She expected that her allergic tendency and headache would recur. So she continued treatment for 4 - 5 months. I too was waiting for a recurrence of her complaints to repeat Lyco in higher potencies. But no, I didn't get a chance. She was on placebo throughout, after the initial two doses of Lycopodium, given at a gap of a week. Whenever I get success - so easily or with great efforts - I remember our master Dr. Hahnemann with gratitude.









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