Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 38

Homoeopathy Relieves Cancer Distress (Ca Prostate with Secondaries - 2009)


This was a curious case indeed. And this relates to an 84-year-old man who had a worrisome problem. For the past two weeks, whenever he passed urine, he was passing stool too. Meaning, he was passing stool several times a day as and when he passed urine.


He had an increased frequency of urination. He was also unable to control his urge to urinate and often there was involuntary escape of urine as well. He had anorexia, breathlessness, sleeplessness and great agony in every respect.


Two years ago, he was diagnosed with Carcinoma prostate. Later, a bone scan revealed extensive skeletal secondaries. The level of his prostate specific antigen (PSA) was on the rise. He underwent prostate surgery as well as orchidectomy in 2007.


He was having pain in various joints, especially hips, shoulders and sterno-clavicular regions. Shoulder pain was more while lying down. He also had weakness in the left leg. He had lower backache because of a sacral disc prolapse. Flatulence and distention of abdomen also disturbed him. He had hardness of hearing for three years.


He consulted many doctors and took treatment, but was unable to get any relief. He was a diabetic for many years, and was undergoing insulin therapy.


Appetite – decreased, prefers warm food and drinks.

Diet – vegetarian.

Bowels – regular, but with the complaints stated above.

Sleep – disturbed.

Thermal reaction – Hot.




In some patients, involuntary urination is a complication of prostatectomy. This patient with Carcinoma prostate had skeletal secondaries when he came for homoeopathic treatment. He came two years after the carcinoma was diagnosed and an operation had been performed. Even though he came after getting metastasis to skeletal system he lived comfortably for many years. He passed away in 2016. The involuntary stool while urinating was controlled with Aloe. I started giving Aloe 30 and continued raising the potency to 200, 1M, 10M, & 50M. Thuja, Carcinosin and Medorrhinum were given as antisycotic remedies. Calc flour was given taking into account the metastasis to bones. These medicines were given in 200 to 10M potencies.



I started his treatment on 20-03-2009. His Prostate Specific Antigen, as per the blood test on 03-02-2009, was 14.16ng /ml. Within two weeks his PSA came down to 10.81ng/ml and it touched normal level in three months (PSA as on 30-06-2009 was 1.2ng/ml).


Initially I prescribed Aloe 30/4 doses, in powder form, each with a poppy seed sized globule in it. I told the patient to take 1 dose of medicine and inform me of his progress the next day morning. He took the first dose of medicine and was relieved of his main complaint of simultaneously passing urine and stool. Inspired by this, he took all four doses of the medicine, one powder every day, without informing me. After five days, he came back with a new complaint, this time of obstinate constipation that started after commencing the treatment. He had a distended abdomen; and was in distress.


These symptoms could either be the result of a severe medicinal aggravation due to overdose of Aloe or a drug proving of Aloe. At this juncture, I wonder how polypharmacy is practised in Homoeopathy. When such aggravations or provings happen, how are they able to handle the situation? Where are the guidelines to guide them?


I chided my patient for not properly following my instructions. I advised him to take a cup of black coffee and wait for four hours. He may take more coffee, if needed, every four hours if he was not relieved of his distressing new symptom. But soon after having the first cup of coffee itself, he was able to pass stool and got immense relief. See how quickly and completely coffee is antidoting our medicines! He now agreed to follow my instructions in letter and spirit.


What is the average period of life expectancy for a man with prostate cancer with extensive skeletal secondaries? What are the possible pains and sufferings that he is likely to endure even if he lives for a year or so? What could be the quantity of analgesics that he would have to consume during this phase? What would be their effect on him?


I have seen doctors becoming helpless many a time. Not even the most powerful analgesics or the strongest opioids available from the world's best pharmaceutical companies can bring relief to such patients. The patients reeling under severe distress often ask for euthanasia. Such miseries were brought to rest with a single dose of the right homoeopathic medicine!





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