Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 35

Asthma From Every Cold Gets A Natrum Sulph Jolt (2015)


The knock on the door was pretty sharp and there walked in a feeble nine-year-old girl, with her parents. The sad part was that she was troubled by recurrent attacks of chronic asthma. The situation worsened with exertion. She had frequent attacks of cold and cough which ended up in asthma, especially after shifting her residence from her native place to Thiruvananthapuram. She usually sneezed a lot in the morning, soon after waking up.


Thermally she was chilly but preferred cold food and drinks. She was under allopathic treatment for her respiratory ailments. Apart from this she had no previous history of any other illness.




Date             Medicine

26.12.2014  Natrum sulph 200/1 dose

31.01.2015  Natrum sulph 200/1 dose

25.04.2015  Natrum sulph 1M/1 dose

08.08.2015  Natrum sulph 10M/1 dose

15.10.2015  Thuja 200/1 dose

24.11.2015  Thuja 1M/1 dose




The girl was suffering from frequent attacks of asthma since her early childhood. Every attack of cold usually settled in her lungs. Miasmatically and symptomatically, Natrum Sulph was strongly indicated and I started treatment with Natrtum Sulph 200. Within two months of treatment she showed drastic improvement. I raised the potency to 1M and later to 10M, completing the treatment with Thuja 1M.


Scope of Homoeopathy in the treatment of asthma is high. We have very effective medicines to relieve the acute exacerbations of asthma. Deep acting miasmatic and constitutional medicines can be prescribed further to eradicate the allergic tendency leading to asthma. Asthma is predominantly an allergic reaction of the body leading to bronchospasm manifested as breathlessness. Prominent underlying miasms, here, are psora and sycosis. Usually such patients are hypersensitive to many external impressions such as certain food items, dust, climatic variations, strong smells, pollens and smoke, among others. Anti-miasmatic treatment corrects these hypersensitivity reactions and the person will no longer overreact to those allergens even if he is exposed. This essential correction happens in a deeper level, liberating the person from taking long term medications such as steroids, inhalers and anti allergic medicines. Here lies the efficacy of this treatment. What more satisfaction can a true homoeopath get than curing a child of its entire gamut of possible sufferings?




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