Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 11

Demyelination to Myelination (1991)


One day, a 34-year-old doctor working with the Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram, came to my clinic. He presented with severe pain in the peri-orbital region. He frequently had acute attacks of such pains coupled with double vision, which alternated between his eyes. Each attack lasted for a few days. Three days after the first attack, he developed double vision in his right eye. Six months later the attack recurred, but this time he developed double vision in his left eye. His right eye got affected again after a month. After the 4th episode of such an attack, he completely lost the vision of his right eye. He was suffering from night blindness too.


He was also suffering from sinusitis with copious post nasal drip. One month prior to his first visit to my clinic, he had difficulty in swallowing. He had epididymo- orchitis on right side.


He was a chilly patient but sensitive to extremes of heat and cold. He had a liking for cold food and drinks.


The Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, diagnosed his case as Demyelination after investigations.


Past History

1979: Demyelination of left 6 th nerve 1979-80: Dry pleurisy

1986-87: Urethritis

1990: Demyelination of right 6th nerve

1991: Demyelination of left 6th nerve 1991: Demyelination of right 2nd nerve 1991: Demyelination of 9th and 10th nerve

1991 September: Demyelination of 12th nerve 1991 December: Demyelination of left 12th nerve 1993: Vertigo




He was given Hydrastis 30 initially for his sinusitis and profuse post nasal drip. When this was resolved, after a month, I gave Phosphorus for his demyelination. Phosphorus 200 to 10M potencies were given over a period of 2 years from 1991-93. His improvement was progressive, double vision got corrected and he regained vision in his right eye.




Kent, in his philosophy, says “Symptoms call for the remedy.” In the above case, his symptoms were calling for Phosphorus. Demyelination is a syphilitic trait. Phosphorus is a remedy covering all the three miasms. It has amazing action on the nervous system. Furthermore, the patient was chilly with the peculiar preference for cold food and drinks. From the totality of symptoms, a conscientious homoeopath can sense the rare, uncommon, peculiar symptoms that take him to the similimum. When the selection of medicine and potency is right and the dose minimum, cure is sure to ensue. As Dr. Hahnemann says, it requires an effort to believe that such an infinitesimal dose can achieve dynamic correction even in serious problems such as dim vision, double vision, loss of vision, and neuralgias!


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“It is not sufficient to give the crude drug, but the plane upon which it is to be given is a question of study. The attenuation also must be similar to the disease cause.” - J.T. Kent



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