Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 9

Sweet Pill Sets Right Diplopia and Squint (1961)


The parents were very distressed. And there was a solid reason for the agony. Their nine-year-old son developed squint in the left eye after he had a bad fall from a height of six feet. He suffered injury to his forehead in the fall and there was bleeding from the nose and ears. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where his wounds were treated. Later, after reaching home, his parents noticed the development of squint in his left eye. Following that, the boy developed double vision too. The doctors examined him and said that his double vision was due to the squint. The surgeon who treated him referred the case to an eye specialist who eventually expressed his helplessness. The patient showed me the referral card in which it was mentioned “let me know if anything can be done anywhere in this case.” My purpose of mentioning this is to sensitize the homoeopathic fraternity of the gravity of the situation.


I gave two doses of Arnica 30 and directed him to take the second dose later, only if the symptoms were not completely relieved. He came back after one week fully cured and reported that he didn't take the second dose of the medicine!




In the above case, note that, the squint developed after the head injury. Here, I will be praising Arnica. It is very efficacious for traumatic effects on muscles. For bad effects of any injury, including head injury, Arnica is our first medicine (Nat sulph and Cicuta follows). Arnica is recommended in mechanical/ traumatic injuries, concussions and contusions of brain, conjunctival or retinal hemorrhages with extravasations, postpartum haemorrhage, puerperal complications, bad effects of remote injuries and even compound fractures. Arnica prevents suppuration and septic conditions, promotes absorption, and facilitates or hastens the healing process.


Here, just a poppy seed sized globule of Arnica 30 did the magical correction at the neurological, circulatory and/or muscular level, depending on where the problem was! Irrespective of the nature or location of the trauma, Arnica effected 'the correction' that was required.


Homoeopathic students should also note that for treating such cases homoeopaths don't require any high-end investigations. Closely following the history narrated by the patient guides them to the 'similimum.' That is the simplicity and supremacy of the system! How many of you would raise your hands to praise the system and our Master?


A copy of the refferal card


*Kindly see and let me know whether anything can be done anywhere.






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