Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 29

Constitutional Correction in Progressive Myopia (2008)


The parents were a worried lot when they met me on a rather pleasant evening in October, 2008. Their 13-year-old daughter was diagnosed with myopia and had great difficulty in reading, even with corrective glasses. Her myopia was rapidly progressing, with the power of her corrective lenses increasing every 2 to 4 months. Her parents painfully noticed that their daughter was holding her book very close to her face while reading.


They consulted an ophthalmologist who told them that she was suffering from a condition known as ‘Progressive myopia’, which may persist until she was 18. He advised them to go for frequent eye checkups and increase the power of her corrective lenses whenever required. This was a matter of concern for her parents.


Her thermal reaction was chilly

She preferred warm food

Desire – Non-vegetarian food, salt, small fish, spicy food, ghee, cheese, egg+++

Aversion- mutton, sweets

Bowels- Alternate days

Sleep- normal

Sweat- Sweating of head after exertion and during sleep


Personal history

She was over-weight and flabby for her age. She liked the company of friends and loved listening to music. Consolation gave her relief, and she was sympathetic towards others. Her mother told me that she was afraid to go alone to the adjacent room, especially at night.


Past history

Her milestones of development were normal. She was prone to frequent attacks of cold during early childhood. She had an attack of Mumps at age nine.




For constitutional correction, Calc carb from 30 to 50 M potencies, over a period of two years, was given that arrested the acute progression of her myopia. Gelsemium also was given in 200 to 10M potencies which helped to improve her vision to a great extent. In Boericke's Materia Medica, under eye of Gelsemium we can see,”Corrects blurring and discomfort in eyes even after accurately adjusted glasses. Vision blurred, smoky.”


Date              Medicine                       Date              Medicine

14.10.2008   Calc carb 30/4 doses    10.02.2010   Calc carb 50M/1 dose

28.11.2008   Calc carb 30/4 doses    18.05.2010   Calc carb 50M/1 dose

26.12.2008   Calc carb 200/2 doses  09.07.2010   Gelsemium 200/2 doses

02.02.2009   Calc carb 1M/1 dose     16.08.2010   Gelsemium 1M/1 dose

24.03.2009   Calc carb 10M/1 dose   29.09.2010   Gelsemium 10M/1 dose

26.05.2009   Calc carb 10M/1 dose   27.10.2010   Sulphur 1M/1 dose

25.10.2009   Calc carb 50M/1 dose   30.12.2010   Calc carb 1M/1 dose




The Myopia described here is evidently a constitutional defect calling for a constitutional correction. The concept of constitutional corrections, as far as I know, is unheard of in other medical systems. Constitutional medicines prescribed in Homoeopathy can achieve a holistic constitutional correction while treating one or more pronounced illnesses - in this case, the Myopia.


It was easy to zero in on her constitutional medicine, Calcarea carb, for this flabby, fearful, chilly girl with excessive craving for eggs. In Hering's guiding symptoms of our Materia Medica under Calcarea carb you can read – “short-sighted, to read, nose has to touch paper.” This is how exact our science is! Calcarea carb has the therapeutic capability to produce such manifestations in the eyes when given to a healthy prover. This explains how and why Calcarea carb could arrest the progressive nature of Myopia. Cures through Classical Homoeopathy can be stamped as Miraculous from three perspectives –

 - Medicine selected, not upon diagnosis, but matching symptom similarity.

 - Cure happening through infinitesimal doses of medicine.

 - Medicine acting on the dynamic plane, thanks to potentization.

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“It is an important thing to know the constitutional state of the patient before prescribing. - J.T.Kent




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