Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 27

Miasmatic and Constitutional Armour in Cancer (Carcinoma Cervix - 2002)


I was about to call it a day when I was informed by my wife, who doubles up as my assistant, that a patient was waiting for consultation. A frail-looking woman, who was 54 years old, entered my consultation room with a weak smile on her face. She was diagnosed with Carcinoma cervix. This was in December, 2002.


She had extreme prostration. She was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy at Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum. Soon, she had severe nausea and vomiting. She also developed pain on the right side of her abdomen. The pain was worse at night. She had flatulence with rumbling in her abdomen especially after having cereals and potatoes. She complained of uneasiness in her right shoulder, in the region of deltoid. She had head ache on the left side too and was taking analgesics.


Appetite – impaired.

Bowels - Constipated. She was compelled to strain a lot. She had piles which troubled her occasionally usually after having chicken.

Sleep - good.

Thermally she was a hot patient, but preferred warm food and drinks.


History of present complaints

She attained menopause two years ago, uneventfully. About two to three months ago she started intermittently bleeding from her vagina. The patient ignored it initially, but when the bleeding persisted, she started feeling lethargic and so consulted a Gynaecologist. Immediately D & C was done and the cervical smear sent for biopsy, which revealed Carcinoma cervix. She was referred to RCC, Thiruvananthapuram, where she underwent radiation and chemotherapy. After the rigorous treatment regime, her vitality reached a nadir. This was when she came to my clinic.


Investigation findings

Histo-pathological report of cervical smear- fragments of Squamous Cell Carcinoma.




This was a diagnosed case of carcinoma cervix and the patient underwent radiation and chemotherapy. Nux vomica 30 was given initially to relieve the persistent nausea, vomiting and flatulence, which developed after radiation. Later, her constitutional medicine, Lycopodium was prescribed in high potency. Miasmatically, she was given Thuja and that too in high potency. In between, Carcinosin 200 was also administered as an intercurrent.




This lady came to me after undergoing conventional therapy for carcinoma cervix. She opted for homoeopathic treatment for two reasons - (1) to get relief from the sufferings she was going through after radiation and (2) to undergo treatment to root out the disease and prevent its recurrence.


I started with Nux vomica to reduce the unwanted side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. As explained earlier, by relieving the most troublesome symptom, the patient will acquire a strong faith in the system and the physician. She was also administered Thuja as an anti-sycotic. Thuja is the most important miasmatic remedy for carcinoma. Lycopodium was her constitutional remedy, which was given in high potency. She continued treatment for three years, till her miasmatic and constitutional course of treatment was completed. Presently, she is hale and hearty and leading an active life in Kochi.


Homoeopathy, through gentle and regenerative medicines, can effectively quell the severe side effects of routine and harsh treatments. Malignancy is a proliferative and degenerative disease and affects people with prominent Sycotic and Syphilitic miasms. A proper and complete course of antimiasmatic medicines can eradicate the disease and prevent its recurrence!





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