Miracles of Classical Homoeopathy. Chapter 22.

Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

- A Menace (2003)


When his young son was struck down by paralysis, it was really heart wrenching for this father. And what if the situation gets compounded by other complications? Then superlative medical care is the need of the hour. On 21-7-2001, this youth injured his head after a fall from the second floor of a building in Mangalore. Though he was rushed to a hospital, where he underwent surgery, both his upper and lower limbs were paralyzed. Later, he was taken to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College for further treatment. The doctors informed his family that complete recovery was not possible and that he would remain handicapped for the rest of his life. Afterwards, he underwent Ayurvedic treatment from Poojappura Ayurvedic Research Centre, Thiruvananthapuram for about twenty months. There was much improvement in his general condition, but he developed severe Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) with fever, constipation and oedema of the legs. This infection adversely affected the improvement he got after undergoing the long and tedious Ayurvedic treatment. They resorted to allopathic treatment for his UTI but the infection recurred and continued for many months. He was bedridden and passed urine and stool involuntarily. His father, who was nursing him, came to me seeking help for this problem.




His UTI was cured with Pyrogen 200 in a month's time. I continued his treatment with Hypericum 30 to 200, trying to relieve his debilitating paralysis. Though he showed some improvement, unfortunately the treatment could not be continued as they stayed far away.


Date               Medicine

27.08.2003    Pyrogen 200 /4 doses

10.09.2003    Pyrogen 200 /4 doses

08.10.2003    Hypericum 30/2 doses

17.11.2003    Hypericum 30/1 dose

17.12.2003    Hypericum 200/1 dose

24.02.2004    Hypericum 200/1 dose

29.03.2004    Hypericum 200/1 dose

26.04.2004    Hypericum 200/1 dose

24.05.2004    Hypericum 200/1 dose






Generally UTI tends to recur for many years in spite of strong and repeated courses of antibiotics and a complete cure is mostly unattainable, especially when the patient is bed-ridden. Homoeopathy has very effective treatment for UTI which not only relieves, but also completely roots out the illness preventing its recurrence. Although Cantharis is the main remedy for urinary infection, Pyrogen is found to be more effective when there is fever. In cases of severe infections with a lot of pus collection and high fever, Pyrogen is highly efficacious. We can consider Pyrogen as a Homoeopathic Broad Spectrum Antibiotic.







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“But we must admit, however unwillingly, that we seldom or never really know the cause of anything...We merely note a constant association with one thing always following another. We say that the tubercle bacillus is the cause of tuberculosis… it is no explanation of how the lesions are produced by the bacillus. Nor does it explain why some persons and animals are susceptible to the infection while others are immune.” - Text Book of Pathology Structure and Function in Disease, 8th edition – William Boyd





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