Dr. K. J. ISAAC, DMS, MBS (Hom.)

Dr. Isaac families devotion to homoeopathy is hundred years old. It started with his Grandfather Dr. T. V. Joseph who practiced in Koothattukulam a village in Kerala, one of the states in India. He started Homoeopathy mainly by reading books on Homoeopathy. His son Late Dr. K. J. Isaac DMS, MBS got his Diploma from Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College which is the first Homoeopathic Medical College in India. He was one of the first five Homoeopathic docotrs who was appointed by the Government of Kerala to start homoeopathic dispensaries in Kerala. Now Kerala is the capital of Homoeopathy in the world with 1000 homoeopathic dispensaries and 50 hospitals under the Governement. He is the founder Principal of the largest Homeoopathic medical college ie., Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Trivandrum. He was the first Dean of Homoeopathy under the Kerala & Mahatma Gandhi Universities. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award on All India basis on 2016. He was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement award (Dr. Hahnemann award) by the Government of Kerala.


His son Dr. Jose Isaac MD (Hom.) was the head of Department and Professor in the Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Trivandrum. He is now the visiting Professor in the Friendship University, Moscow. He was the member of the Central Council of Homoeopathy and Education Committee constituted by the Governement of India to control the Homoeopathic Education and practice in Homoeopathy. He was the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Central Council of Homeopathy and also the committee for Excellences in Homeopathic education constituted by Government of India. He was also the chairman of the Post Graduate Board of studies in Homeopthy in the University of Kerela. Now he is the Director of the Dr. Isaac Homeopathy center and Dr. Isaac's Academy of Homeopathy. Dr. Isaac Jose, the fourth generation Homeopath is an MD in Homeopathy and is an Assistant Professor in the White Memorial Homeopathy College.

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